Grade 8 – Articles , Poems, Slogans and Jingles for Corona Virus

Corona, Corona Go Away,

So we can enjoy and play

Soaps, Sanitizers and Masks are used by us,

To stop you from ruling over us.

Hugs and Handshakes were the old forms,

Social Distancing is now become the new norm.

Online school was fun in the start,

But now we miss our friends, from whom we are apart.

Although we watched movies of Frankenstein,

We are all now bored in Quarantine.

You came, you stayed, now it’s time to go,

Our super hero doctors will ensure you do so.

Corona, Corona Go Away,

So we can enjoy and play.

    Krrishiv Bajaj (VIII A)     

Stay safe

Don’t take any risks,

Please put on masks.

Don’t take a flight,

Washing your hands is always gonna be right.

Stay safe and stay at home,

It will harm you if you roam.

Don’t mingle,

Walk around, single.

When carelessness increases,

Population decreases.

Isolation is the only way,

To fight against corona virus, I say.

Follow The Three Golden rules

So, you are not considered to be a fool.

     – Muhammed Hamzah Khan

‘Wear a mask, wash our hands and maintain distance:the way to be safe from the severe acute respiratory syndrome Corona Virus ‘

-Shaiv Mehta (Grade 8B)

It’s better to wear a mask than a ventilator,

Better to stay home than in an ICU

Kazim Shroff – VIII B

Corona is a viral disease that has taken the form of an epidemic and is causing havoc all over the world. The disease starts with a cold and a small amount of cough, which gradually takes a formidable form and affects the patient’s breathing system badly.It is prudent to prevent corona, as it is a contagious disease that spreads very quickly. The WHO has put out a list of some precautions and has also stated that these are the basic mantras to protect against corona. Awareness to be spread regarding this virus is very important, so that people can take the

Firstly, it is utmost important to wear a mask covering your nose and mouth before you leave your house as this virus spreads mainly through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes or talks.These droplets can land in the mouths or noses of people who are nearby or possibly be inhaled into the lungs. Secondly, carrying a sanitizer everywhere you go is important as well, to prevent the germs and bacteria from infecting you and causing you to get affected by the virus. We should wash our hands as many times as possible and each time, at least for 20 seconds. We should avoid visiting public places and if it’s an emergency we should maintain social distancing. These are the points to be kept in mind when we step out of our house.

People who don’t have much knowledge or are uneducated need to be made aware of this pandemic and should also be informed of the precautions that need to be taken. This can be done by conducting online awareness campaigns which will help a lot of people to get aware of the virus. 

The government has launched an app called Arogya Setu. This government app helps people assess the risk of the corona virus infection. It can be downloaded on both Android and iPhone. This special app will help in finding out if there is a corona positive person present nearby. This is done by using your mobile’s Bluetooth, location and mobile number.


-Sana Rohira (8A)

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