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Benaisha Kharas

Image & Mental Health Consultant | TEDx Speaker | Fashion Style Expert

A school is known to be one’s foundation and I am happy that mine was Beacon High!

I joined Beacon high school when I was in 8th grade. Being dyslexic and dyscalculic and ADHD my earlier school years were tough. My parents wanted me to receive the ICSE education but with learning aid; and that’s how we came by Beacon High. My two sisters as well went to school with me.

Beacon high for me has truly been a life savior if I am to say so. The principal and teachers there were not only good educators but also wonderful motivating mentors. I had remedial sessions which were extremely beneficial to my growth in education as well as in extracurricular. The school brought about a sense of healthy competition and fun every day, with small nuggets of learning in different subjects via quizzes, debates, drama shows, educational trips, and various learning aids during classroom sessions. In summary, I walked in as a shy timid girl who was completely lost with what she was to do in life… and when I graduated out of school I walked out honing so many hidden abilities in sports, art, drama, debate, and a sense of confidence and leadership via my house captaincy and the wonderful friends and educators that I met.
I believe the beacon really came through within and with me.

Thank you.

Chaandni R M W

Singer | Live Performer

I’m a playback singer and a live performer. I have been singing for various projects for films, television and advertising jingles and have had the privilege to work with some of the most eminent composers from the music industry, over the years.

I have had the honour to be a part of prestigious projects like the song ‘Laila Main Laila’ from the film Raees,

MTV Coke Studio, MTV Unplugged, Indian Sports Honours 2019; to be the lead voice of the Star Plus Anthem ‘Rishta Wahi Baat Nayi’ and the title track of the popular TV show ‘Balika Vadhu’ Season 2.

I have been learning music since the age of 4 and Beacon High was where I began my journey of performing publicly. The school annual days and carnivals (Beacon Blaze), alongwith the opportunity to represent my school at inter-school competitions gave me a platform to hone my skills as a musician and showcase my talent as a performer.

I have been fortunate enough to be associated with Beacon High, right from it’s inception. I was a part of the first batch that was promoted from Small Wonders to Beacon High. I still remember the day my parents had taken me to Small Wonders for my interview with Mrs. Khariwalla and Mrs. Jamali at the age of five. Right after my first interaction with Mrs. Khariwalla, I knew that she is somebody who is going to have a major impact on me for life. She has always been and will always be an inspiration to me.

Beacon High has been an integral part of my development as an individual, not just in terms of academic growth but also in terms of my overall personality development. During my journey as a student through Grade I to Grade X, I have experienced that the teachers have always focused on imparting knowledge and values beyond the textbooks and have encouraged curiosity and the constant quest for learning. I think I carry those values with me even today and that has helped me in my career and my overall approach towards life.

Always grateful to Mrs. Khariwalla, Mrs. Jamali, Mrs. Shehnaaz Sumaya (Whom we fondly called Miss Sherry) and all my teachers and non teaching staff at Beacon High for an incredible school life and memories that I will cherish for a lifetime.

Rushad Patel

Class of 2019

Beacon High, more than a school was a second home to me. I have had some of my best memories in this school.

From giving a tough time to my parents to go to school in nursery to absolutely loving it and getting emotional on my last day of the 10th grade. This school is like a second family with amazing teachers who are extremely approachable. Events like sports day, annual day, carnivals and many more. Preparation for these events are truly fun in its own way. Participating in events like these helped build a lot of my confidence to go out and face the world and know a lot more about it.

An amazing Principal and Vice Principal who always supported their students with love and encouragement to walk an extra mile.
Beacon High played a very big role in shaping my roots for my upcoming career and it truly has a very special place in my heart.

Trisha Wadhwani

Class of 2019

Growing up as a Bandra girl, I was a happy-go-lucky person who liked all things that a typical youngster would be expected to do – chill with friends, movies, shows, chatting endlessly with friends, and going out with them to our favorite haunts. Academically, I was expected to excel, my dad being an engineer, and mom, a doctor, wanted us to pursue a professional qualification. However, I was an average to the above-average student at best, rarely breaking into the top 5, if ever, in my class. The awakening came in class 7 when I performed disastrously, shaking my belief in my abilities.

Beacon High was the place where my foundation was built. The direction and foresight of Principal Mrs. Jamali and the passion with which the teachers taught in class, held me in good stead to rise to the top. The adrenaline rush that one gets by topping the school, combined with a confidence boost is what helped me raise the bar and set my eyes on the coveted seat in one of the top 5 IITs in India, and that too in the top streams. From then on it was a combination of discipline, rigor and hard work that ultimately resulted in securing a place in
IIT Madras, where I will soon be joining to pursue a B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering.

There are many who played a major role in achieving my objective, but most of all, my thanks are due to my Beacon High school teachers, who over a period of 12 years, helped impart education in the most vital years and built a foundation, on which I hope to shape my career.

Jenai Rana

Beacon High wasn’t just a school for me, it was a second home. It prepared me not just for college but life itself.

The creativity and strength of will I possess today was unlocked at Beacon High. It gave me an immense amount of freedom to pursue knowledge and skills far beyond that of a typical school.

The school has an amazing ability to attract top people who work for the love of teaching. The teachers always  encouraged me when I needed it the most.

With the guidance of my principal and teachers I gained self responsibility and personal empowerment.

Thank you for always guiding us and showing us the right path. It’s schools like this that don’t only teach but also makes sure that it also reaches out to each every student and makes a big difference to every child that it touches upon.

Armaan Motiwala

Mere words do not do justice to the institution that has taught each student to face the highs and lows of life. Beacon High means much more than a school to me; my first steps towards development. A place where confidence is instilled in your system. Apart from the academics being exceptional with the curriculum carefully segregated so as to enhance every students learning ability, this school has worked very hard at developing each students’ character; the way they present and express themselves in the most professional manner. Every member in the school is extremely dedicated, supportive and accessible. The level of attention to developing a student is second to none at Beacon High, ensuring an excellent involvement between a student and teacher. It is a wonderful place for students to thrive and prepare themselves for the opportunities ahead!

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