Beyond Academics

Rhythmus Happy Feet (Dance)

Dance programme is conducted by Rhythmus Happy Feet through a program called Agile kids. Agile kids is a developmentally appropriate Dance and Creative Movement program; which is complimentary to a school education with an objective to

  • Create movers and honing Dance skills
  • Developing divergent thinkers and team players
  • Bursting with confidence and
  • Embracing fitness lifelong

Key Ingredients are:

  1. Creative movement: brings in awareness to Body, Space, Energy, Rhythm, Ideas and Expression.
  2. Dance forms introduced: Jazz, Cumbia – Latin American dance, Bhangra.


At Beacon High yoga for kids has developed a program that is child friendly and age appropriately customized so that along with learning kids also develop an interest and love for yoga which in turn will help them continue to follow the practise into adulthood.

Yoga for kids channelizes the kids energy in the right direction through yoga games, reading comes alive and Braingym movements.

Swirl Music

Music Sessions for the children upto Grade VIII are conducted by Swirl Music. A light, fun approach to teaching of music is implemented that encourages and nurtures talent and creativity. Committed to making learning music enjoyable, Swirl has a team of well trained teachers who embody the same philosophy and vision.