Beyond Academics

Clubs and Societies

Beacon High boasts an extraordinary array of clubs and societies for students to be involved in. The variety of challenging activities provided, is an essential part of the school’s all-encompassing educational philosophy.

  • Prakruti
  • Interact
  • Teachmat
  • Abacus
  • Coding
Beyond Academics


We at Beacon aim to facilitate the learning experience in all aspects of current theatre arts thus encouraging our young minds to discover who they are  and who they could be as artists and future practitioners. The most successful part to this is by trying things out themselves, making creative mistakes and through art of collaboration. This is a uniquely designed course for in school dramatics is designed in collaboration with Raell Padamsee’s ACE.

Music at Beacon

Our aim as an institution is to provide high-quality musical opportunities to all regardless of musical standard and any musical genre in which they show interest. Committed to making learning music enjoyable, Beacon has tied up with a team of well trained teachers from Swirl Music who embody the same philosophy and vision.


Sport offers opportunities to cultivate communicate and leadership skills to work as a part of a team and to develop the resilience by learning to meet success and failure head on. We at  Beacon encourage both Intra school and Inter school competitions thus providing opportunities for every child to exhibit his province and skills


Dance enables young people to gain artistic skills and discipline as well as developing their ability in physical interaction, teamwork, problem-solving, verbal and non-verbal communication. Weekly classes are open to all pupils as part of our Co curriculum program and are delivered by specialist dance teachers through our Partnership with Rhythumus Happy Feet.


Yoga helps students inculcate strength endurance confidence and a great mind – body – soul connection. This confidence is then carried into the real world making the student strong compassionate and acceptable. Yoga is an integral part of the school curriculum we strongly believe “a healthy mind deals in a healthy body”.

Outdoor Education

Our outdoor education programme aims to develop teamwork, leadership skills and self-reliance of all our students thus enabling them to enhance their learning beyond the four walls of the classroom. By offering a wide range of activities we hope our little minds will find something that they like thus beginning a lifelong love for the great outdoors.

Digital Education

Learning facilitated by technology gives the students some element of control over time, place and pace. At Beacon we  make use of innovative digital tools and technologies during our teaching learning programme.

  • Smart class
  • Digital labs
  • Animation

Competitive Evaluations

Beacon High strongly believes in widening the horizon of every child beyond school books and helping them prepare to excel in today’s competitive world. To achieve the  above we have partnered with the following:

  • Science Olympiad Foundation
  • LogiQids

Community Engagement

We encourage our students to reach out to the community around them helping in any way they can, thereby developing their character and inculcating positive values for a better tomorrow.



We strongly advocate ‘Inclusive Education’ and as such we have Counsellors and Special Educators as part of our faculty to work on a one-to-one basis with students with special needs, thus offering support to each and every child who needs guidance.